Components and spare parts for spinning plants and systems


SRK Engineering GmbH supplies especially constructed components for all types of spinning plants and spinning systems determined for the production of synthetic fibres.

The design of the components is demand-oriented taking into account the individual process technology of our customers.

Spare Parts

SRK Engineering GmbH provides a world-wide spare parts service for each type of spinning plant and spinning system.

Well-trained staff, extensive professional expertise and a secure internal data archive ensure a prompt and direct supply of spare parts and components regardless the age of the equipment.

For any needs in spare parts for existing plants not supplied by SRK Engineering GmbH, please feel free to contact us.

We offer an attractive price/performance ratio.


Christof Schreck
General Manager / Project Manager
Plant design and construction
Technical Director
+49 (0) 6026 9996-55

Joachim Pogrifke
Project Manager
Plant design and construction
+49 (0) 6026 9996-77

Internal Sales

Sabine Zang
Management Assistance
+49 (0) 6026 9996-47